Friday, February 18, 2011

More Sales and New Inventory

Since my last post, I have received 5 more sales including two more antique scandinavian key necklaces and these three vintage jewelry pieces:
And I also now have 3 positive 100% feedbacks for anyone who doesn't like purchasing from people with 0 feedback, that is no longer the case.

Check out my latest inventory including the following great pieces:
Click Here: Vintage Heart Charm Bracelet

Click Here: Stunning Vintage Yellow Bead Pearl Necklace 
Click Here: Vintage Granite Style Stone with Flower Bead Bracelet
And that is all for this update.  Be sure to check back often for more updates and for new inventory including some handmade charm bracelets and a sword bracelet coming soon.  Thank you everyone!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Celebrating a sale

My first sale!  In a little less than a week since opening my shop on Etsy I have had my first sale.  My  pair of antique Scandinavian skeleton key necklaces, (his and hers/couple's necklaces) have sold.  I will have another set for sale soon in a larger size and hopefully another in this size.  I'll keep you updated on the availability of these style necklaces here.
Check them out here

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Item: Disco Record Earrings

Check out my latest addition to my Etsy shop, handmade disco record earrings.  The records are vintage charms that come in a variety of colors.  Click on each link below each picture to be taken to the earring listing.  Thank you,

Hot Pink
Light Pink
Thank you for looking, and I hope you see one you really like.  Including shipping they are $10 each.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Welcome To My Blog and Shop!

Welcome everyone to my blog, The Vintage Skeletons.  The purpose of my blog is threefold; 1-To promote my shop, TheVintageSkeletons ; 2-To show pictures of my antique key collection; and 3-to include helpful and fun articles for the vintage/antique key and jewelry community.

My shop specializes in vintage jewelry and handmade pieces using antique keys and vintage charms.  My shop just opened this past Wednesday and is not yet fully stocked, so keep checking back everyday for new items.  Currently, it features vintage earrings and beautiful necklaces made from antique scandinavian keys.  Some of my favorites are:

Check them out here
These unique vintage earrings feature three beads, the accent silver bead on top followed by a very unique double bead.  This lower bead has a peach color bead that contains a white color bead inside it adding a very unique flavor to these earrings.  The picture below shows the detail of the double bead clearly:

Another pair of unique earrings are these Victorian sterling silver 925 filigree earrings.
Check them out here
 These vintage earrings contain finely wrapped sterling silver wire inside of the double loop outer wire casing.  Dangling from the top and bottom are six small silver beads which add to the charm of these earrings.

My most popular item so far is this pair of antique Scandinavian skeleton key necklaces, perfect for a couple for Valentine's Day.
Check them out here
These two keys match perfectly and are in excellent condition.  They both do have a broken bit; however, as you can see from the pictures the bit broken on each is identical and does not detract from their appeal.  They come on a 26.5" (can be shortened) and an 18.5" pure copper chain with barrel clasp for easy wearing.

The last item I'm going to showcase in this first post is another antique Scandinavian key necklace, but this time it is a solo necklace.  Measuring 2.25" long and 1" wide, this key is sure to please any buyer, whether as a gift for a loved one or for themselves.
Check it out here
It too comes on an 18.5" pure copper chain with brass barrel clasp.  With some imagination, this excellent key looks like an alien.  Imagine the bow (top part) as the head, the holes in the bow as the eyeballs, and then all of the bits sticking out the body as a sort of tentacles.  Or, picture it as a robot.  Same type of head, multiple gadget arms as the bits, and the bottom bit as a wheel for the robot to roll around on.  Let your imagination run wild.

While this post comes to an end soon, my shop and blog do not.  Keep checking back often for updates on my shop, collection, and other useful and friendly articles.  My shop may only have 24 items in it now, but by the end of the week I plan to have over 100 items stocked including some of my signature handmade vintage charm bracelets and more vintage jewelry.  Once my shop reaches 100 items I'll run a brief Grand Opening Sale where all items will be 10% off, so be sure to keep checking back for this sale.

Thank you everyone for your support, and may you have a great day!